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Climbing Pants Women's - Alfajores Pink




In Alfajores colecction:

  • pattern to choose from with a combination of yellow, purple and green
  • light and airy fabric that doesn't restrict any movement
  • gusseted crotch for confidence in demanding body settings
  • 4 convenient pockets
  • darts on the knees for even more sporting freedom
  • model for the brave and wanting to stand out people
  • perfect for climbing, yoga, trekking, cycling, rollerblading, etc...
  • sewn in Lodz
  • accessories made in Lodz
  • no annoying protruding tags
  • refined in every detail
  • packed in a cotton bag stamped with our logo
  • shipped in cardboard boxes within 24 hours of ordering

Alfajores cookies
In our Wild Bakery we offer you Alfajores cookies
Alfajores (pronounced Alfahores) are cookies famous throughout South America, especially in Argentina, where they are a national delicacy.
These are shortbread butter cookies layered with dulce de leche cream. And this is the secret, the Argentines are simply in love with this cream….
We send cookies into the world as a symbol of good omen.
Argentina is famous for its totally charming and diverse landscapes: mountains, deserts, glaciers and forests. Climbers and anglers will find work here
(we mean those from fish ;p ) or horse riders.
Inspired by the culture of South American peoples, it brings intense, multi-colored geometric patterns.
Aztec pattern combined with three colors: sunny yellow, plant green and floral violet, as in Michał Bajor's song:
“… Where the most beautiful colors sparkle
I've seen green that isn't green
But in full sun it turns silver and gold
Green of cacti and palm trees and ferns
I saw airy and playful flowers
So purple it's almost black
And the foamy whiteness of sea waves on the beach
And bile so yellow that it burns the eyes
And I have this image in my memory
He returns magical and unique
And they keep dancing the tango for me
All the colors of Argentina…”

Main fabric: Cotton 59%, Nylon 37%, Elastane 4%
Patterned fabric: poli 96%, elastane 4%


Spodnie ciasteczka – damskie
Waist circumference* 59/84 62/88 66/92 69/96
Hips circumference 96 102 104 108
Thigh circumference 53 55 58 60
Length in the crotch 72 74 76 78
Total length 93 96 98 99

* flat without stretching / stretched

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What about the top? They will be perfect for autumn chill climbing jackets:

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2 reviews for Spodnie Wspinaczkowe Damskie Alfajores Fioletowe

  1. Wiktoria Sulerzycka (verified owner) -

    Bardzo wygodne spodnie z przyjemnego dla skóry materiału. Dodatkowo są przepiękne.

  2. e.m.bodura -

    Kocham te spodnie! – model ten sam, tylko wzór niebieski 🙂 Kupione pod dogtrekkingi w błotnistych, górskich i leśnych warunkach sprawdzają się idealnie, szybko odprowadzają wilgoć, doopa się nie zaparza i zaschnięte błoto pod koniec wędrówki wystarczy wytrzepać 🙂 zdecydowanie nie będzie to moja pierwsza i ostatnia para ❤️

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