Climbing Pants Women's - Gray with shoe wipers

Pants with shoe wipers


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Jedyne w swoim rodzaju spodnie ze specjalną strefą do wycierania butów wspinaczkowych w okolicy kostki. Strefa wykonana z niezwykle trwałego materiału, który szybko i skutecznie zbiera piasek błoto i inne zanieczyszczenia z butów.

Extremely strong cotton with the addition of elastane will make the climbing pants endure a lot. Natural fabric that does not cause abrasions or allergic reactions will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Nogawki spodni wspinaczkowych wykończyliśmy delikatną gumką.

Why is it worth:

  • Crotch gusset (ideal for splits)
  • Darts in the knees
  • 4 Large and convenient pockets
  • Guma w pasie
  • Guzik w pasie plus rozporek z zamkiem błyskawicznym
  • No irritating labels inside
  • Entirely designed and sewn in Łódź
  • Accessories: embroidery, tags, button, zipper all made locally in the Łódź area

Works with the harness and provides pocket access.

Pants also look great after climbing. With an ordinary T-shirt, you can boldly go to the city in them.

Packaging - ZERO FILM - Each climbing pants is packed in a denim bag that you can use in any way. We know from the information from our clients that it will be perfect for quickdraws, climbing shoes, and even crampons 😉


Cotton 98%
Elastane 2%


Women's pants
Waist circumference* 52/80 58/88 58/88 62/92 62/92
Hips circumference 90 98 98 108 108
Thigh circumference 46 50 50 52 52
Length in the crotch 75 78 82 80 84
Total length 96 99 104 101 106

* flat without stretching / stretched


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