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The Red Trail

Elastyczne i lekkie spodnie wspinaczkowe, które splotem tkaniny przypominają spodnie funkcyjne, wykończone dresowym ściągaczem dla jeszcze większej wygody.


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Completely new cut, completely new sensations

The latest cut of our pants will give you amazing comfort, the delicate and elastic material gives you the feeling that you are wearing sweatpants (We remember how much our pants have to endure, so we have not forgotten that the material is sufficiently durable)
Delicate ribbing at the waist and leg will allow the pants to fit every figure, and at the same time will not compress

Find out what an amazing effect the combination of cotton, nylon and elastane with a pinch of Hastan magic gave 😀

Why is it worth:

⇒ Flexible fabric that does not restrict movement

⇒ 2 Mega Large and comfortable pockets

⇒ Elastic waist and additionally a string with a Hastan logo

⇒ Entirely designed and sewn in Łódź

⇒ Accessories: embroidery, tags, button, lock all made locally in the vicinity of Łódź

Yoga not in leggings? Why not! The cut of Hastan climbing pants will make it easier to make splits or other complicated figures.

Works with the harness and provides pocket access.

Pants also look great after climbing. With an ordinary T-shirt, you can boldly go to the city in them.

Packaging - ZERO FILM - Each climbing pants is packed in a denim bag that you can use in any way. We know from the information from our clients that it will be perfect for quickdraws, climbing shoes, and even crampons 😉

Main fabric: Cotton 59%, Nylon 37%, Elastane 4%
Rib: Cotton 96%, Elastane 4%


Spodnie Damskie – Kolekcja Szlaki
Waist circumference* 59/81 63/85 66/90 70/95 74/100
Thigh circumference 46 51 52 54 57
Length in the crotch 72 73 74 75 76
Total length 94 95 97 99 101

* flat without stretching / stretched

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